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Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy

by Dr. Brian Weiss

The Weiss Institute

Jessica Ramirez is a Certified Regressionist, Meditation Facilitator and Yoga Instructor.  She teaches workshops, classes and offers private sessions affording attendees and clients the opportunity to live their very best lives. Her work helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their path, current relationships and authentic selves. It’s Jessica’s belief that these extraordinary practices sustain a love for life and are a source of strength, inspiration and peace for navigating this wildly beautiful world!

“Past life regression healed my life. It is my passion to share this awesome practice with as many people as possible.

-Jessica Ramirez

Experience this very special and deeply rewarding journey! We will explore our past lifetimes and reflect inward to connect with our truest, most beautiful selves. We will also access our higher selves and spirit guides for enlightenment and healing!


Jessica has been trained and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, a leader in the field of past-life therapy and author of many NY Times best-selling books including Many Lives, Many Masters.

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